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Airblast-Abrasives B.V.
High Carbon Steel Grit / Shot
Low Carbon Steel Shot
Chilled Iron Grit
Stainless Steel Shot
Stainless Steel Cut Wire
Carbon Steel Cut Wire
Aluminium Cut Wire
Zinc Cut Wire
Glass Beads
Brown fused alumina
White fused alumina
Aluminium Silicate



Airblast-Abrasives B.V.

Airblast-Abrasives fulfils in the requirements for metallic and non-metallic abrasives. Our dedicated team is available to assist our customers in selecting the right abrasives and analysing the working mix and production process in order to maximise efficiency. All our abrasives are subject to a rigorous quality control to ensure supply of the best available abrasives in its class.
Our production facility for high carbon steel abrasives covers an area of 4.000 m2.

Learn more about the production process at our facility in the video below.






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