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Shot peening is performed to increase the resistance to stress and improve the fatigue life of the product. By hammering the abrasive particles at the surface, the surface is being dimpled causing  compression stresses under the dimple. As the media continues to strike the part, multiple overlapping dimples are formed at the work piece, which strengthens it. Shot peening is performed in the aircraft industry to ensure strength without having to add extra weight. In the automotive industry it is being used to strengthen parts that endure stress like springs, gears, torsion bars, stabilizers etc. Shot peening is a delicate process where the various parameters must be closely monitored:

• particle size
• particle quantity
• projection speed
• projection angle
• duration of the process


Abrasives to use for shot peening:
• Conditioned steel cut wire
• Stainless steel cut wire
• Stainless steel shot
• Cast steel shot
• Glass beads



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